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About Us

About Us

SEDA College has established itself as one of the best English schools in Dublin, working for over 10 years in the market.

SEDA Languages is a branch of the group which will bring the experience and the quality of SEDA College to teach new languages to students from all around the world.


Imagine yourself ordering a pizza or a nice wine in Italian? Or maybe being able to read the classics of the French literature?


Now picture yourself telling a romantic story in Spanish, or perhaps singing a charming Brazilian Bossa Nova.


This is possible! Check out our courses with more details and go for them.


Remember that famous Czech proverb:

“You live a new life for every new language you speak. If you know only one language, you live only once.”  


01. Guarantee

Working over 10 years in the market, SEDA is today one of the most important, traditional, and well-structured English schools in Dublin, working with a wide range of students from all around the world and being recognized as a high-quality institution.

02. Quality

SEDA College is accredited by EQUALS and ACELS, being recognized both by Ireland and also by the European Union as a legal institution. SEDA has also offices in countries like Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Panama working legally in all of them.

03. Experience

Over the past decade, SEDA has worked with more than 14,000 students of more than 40 different nationalities, building a solid experience in the market, being elected in 2014, 2015, and 2016 as the best English school in Ireland.

04. Methodology

We are compromised to provide our students with enough support to live the real experience of learning a new language. With interactive and entertaining methods, the purpose is not to follow the conventional ways of teaching but to integrate our students with activities that will make their learning process more efficient.

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